Upgrading PKS 1.1.x to 1.15


PKS 1.1.5 was recently released and has a number of important bug fixes and improvements. These include:

  • Support for NSX-T 2.2
  • NCP 2.2.1
  • TLS support for Kubernetes Ingress
  • NCP is no longer a Kubernetes Pod and is now a Linux process running on the master nodes
  • NCP no longer creates duplicate virtual servers when restarted, which would happen when a master VM was restarted. This was problematic since the LB could only support 10 virtual servers. Once this limit was reached you would no longer be able to created Kubenetes load balanced servers or ingresses.
  • All virtual servers are now removed when deleting multi-port Kubernetes services. Previously virtual servers would be left behind, which again would cause the LB to hit the maximum of 10 virtual servers.
  • Running the pks delete-cluster command will now cleanup NSX-T related resources even if the cluster is in a bad state. Previously this required running the PKS NSX-T cleanup script.

See the release notes for more information.

Recovering from some of these issues required running multiple API calls and was kind of a pain. I’ve been putting the 1.1.5 release through its paces in multiple lab environments and it’s resolved all of the issues that I was running into.

This walk through will show how to upgrade from PKS 1.1.x to 1.1.5.

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