Delete an orphaned PKS cluster

You may run into a situation where your PKS cluster is orphaned or you’re unable to delete it with the pks delete-cluster command. I’m going to show how to manually clean up the PKS cluster in the database.

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Cleaning up NSX-T resources from a PKS deployment

In the current release (1.0.x) of Pivotal Container Service (PKS), NSX-T resources are not cleaned up after deleting a Kubernetes cluster. In order to delete the PKS created resources out of NSX-T, you’ll need to run the command like so:


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Adding or Updating a vRealize Automation machine’s custom property

Recently I’ve had a few people ask how to add or update a custom property on an already deployed vRealize Automation (vRA) machine. Several people unregistered the machine using CloudClient, updated a blueprint with the new custom property and then bulk imported the machine back into vRA. It’s actually much easier than that.

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