vCloud Connector 2.5 Gotchas

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I was recently working with vCloud Connector (vCC) 2.5 and ran into a couple of issues.  I have a support request open with VMware for both issues and engineering is looking into the issue.  If I receive a resolution, I’ll update this post.

Issue 1 – Can’t copy vApps if ESXi hosts do not have any standard switches

If your ESXi hosts only have distributed switches, copying vApps from vCloud to vCenter will fail with the error that the host did not have any virtual network defined.


As soon as you add standard switches to the hosts, the transfers work fine.  I believe the standard switches also need to have a virtual machine portgroup defined, but can’t remember if I tested this.  The switches do not have to have any uplinks or otherwise be modified.

You can also see the error on the vCloud connector node’s log file /opt/vmware/hcagent/logs/hca.log

Issue 2 – Can’t copy vApps if vCloud has the “Capture vApp Template” blocking task enabled

Having the following checked blocking task selected will cause vApp transfers to fail.


vCC will show the error “OVF export failed.  The requested operation on vApp Template “NoOS1382920933138” is not supported in its current state.


If you look at the catalog where you told vCC to store the vApp, you will see the vApp.


If the blocking task has been approved, you will still see the vApp in the catalog as the vCC operation has since failed and doesn’t perform any clean up.


In my environment the blocking task is handled by vCO, which simply updates a database, and happens very quickly.  It seems that if the vApp goes into a “pending processing” state, vCC doesn’t know how to handle it and fails.

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