Cannot update edge gateway – The following IP addresses are already in use

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Today I was trying to reclaim 10 IPs from a vSE in vCloud.  The IPs were part of a a sub-allocate IP pool and had a destination and source NAT.  I deleted the DNAT/SNAT by highlighting them as a group and pressing delete.  This worked OK but as soon as I tried to remove the IPs from the sub-allocate IP pool, I received the error:

11-6-2013 7-25-04 PM

I verified that the IPs were no longer in use anywhere in vCloud or on the vSE VM itself.  I then tried to re-deploy the vSE service configuration and re-deploying the vSE, but neither of these resolved the issue.  I then re-added the DNAT for the first IP in the range I was trying to delete.  Once the vSE was updated with the new DNAT, I immediately deleted it.  Now when I tried to delete the sub-allocate IP pool, I received the same error but for the next IP in the range.  I then went through the same process for each of the remaining IPs and the issue was resolved.

I was able to reproduce the issue in another environment as well.  It seems like it’s an issue with multi-select and deleting NAT rules.  It’s like they disappear from the UI, but are still present somewhere else.  Deleting NAT rules one at a time did not cause an issue.  This was with vCloud 5.1.2 and vShield 5.1.2a.



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