Broken pipe when uploading OVFs into vCloud 5.5

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I was trying to deploy an OVA into a new vCloud 5.5 instance in my lab and it kept failing with the error “Internal Server Error: Broken Pipe”.


The OVA was uploaded to the vCloud cell, but when vCloud attempted to deploy it into vCenter it failed. 


The OVA was from a VM that I built in vCenter and the cause of the problem was that I had forgotten to install VMware tools.  I installed VMware tools, exported the VM and was then successfully able to import into vCloud. 

I was attempting to import the OVA directly into my organization’s “My Cloud”, which is a new feature in vCloud 5.5.  In prior versions of vCloud, you were able to import VMs from vCenter into your organization’s “My Cloud” or a catalog.  If you imported into your “My Cloud” and VMware tools wasn’t installed, the import would succeed but guest customization would be disabled for the VM since VMware tools is needed for guest customization.  If you imported the VM into a catalog, the catalog would be marked as an identical copy so no customization would occur. 




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  1. Hi, Chris,

    Your posts have given me many great inspirations, thank you!
    Do you think it’s doable to integrate vcc into vco, which means we can have a workflow developed via vco to transfer a template or vm between 2 clouds?
    Currently I have to manually transfer a template between 2 clouds via vcc. I am thinking about sync templates between 2 clouds automatically. Once a new template is added to catalog, we can get this task from AMQP right? but how can I transfer it to another cloud via vcc afterwards if i want to put this whole process together in a vco workflow?
    I also ran into some vcc 2.5 issues, we can discuss later if you have time. Thanks.

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