vCloud Director wipes out DNS search suffixes in Windows upon customization

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I noticed that in vCloud Director (not sure about prior versions) that when you perform guest customization on a Windows VM (not sure about Linux) that the DNS suffixes for the NIC are removed and replaced with the DNS suffix of the network that the VM’s primary NIC is connected to.   This was causing an issue with Windows activations because the DNS srv records were not in the DNS domain that was being applied to the vCloud VMs.  This caused the VMs to be unable to find a KMS server and activate Windows.

Here are the DNS suffixes that I’m referring to under the NIC’s properties




The workaround was to apply all of the DNS suffixes after postcustomization using Customization Script section on the VM’s Guest OS Customization tab.

if "%1%" == "precustomization" (
goto end) else if "%1%" == "postcustomization" (
reg add HKLM\System\currentcontrolset\services\tcpip\parameters /v SearchList /d domain1.vmware.local,domain2.vmware.local,domain2.vmware.local /f

 This added all three domains to the search list and allowed the VM to find its KMS server and activate. 


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