Unable to start/edit vCenter Orchestrator Policies

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After a vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) restart, I noticed that some vCO policies weren’t running.  The polices that weren’t running were set to run as a normal user account and not the service account that the running policies were configured with.  Here is how the policies looked.  Notice that the start, stop and edit buttons are not active.


The issue was that the user account that the policies were running as had expired and the policy was configured to auto-start with the server.  I was stuck since I had no way of editing the policy and it started automatically.  I didn’t have time to research this so I opened a case with VMware support and they provided me the solution below:

  1. Stop vCO server service
  2. Connect to the vCO Oracle Database
  3. Run the following statement, substituting <vco_schema> and <policy_name> with the actual values:
    1. UPDATE <vco_schema>.vmo_policy SET startmode = 0, state = ‘stopped’ WHERE name = <policy_name>;
  4. Restart the vCO server service

After performing these steps I was able to edit the policy, correct the account to run as and successfully start it.

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