Simple Powershell Script to Monitor vRealize Automation

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Lately I’ve been learning vRealize Automation (vRA) and it has involved bringing the environment up and down frequently as well as breaking and fixing various services to see how the system would respond. I got tired of going into the VAMI (port 5480 of the vRA appliance) and selecting the Refresh button to get status on all of the various services so I created a little Powershell script that will display the status of the vRA services.

The simplest way to invoke the script is with:

get-vRAHealth vra71.vmware.local

Where vra71.vmware.local is my load balancer VIP for vRA. By default the script will continously refresh every 5 seconds.

You can disable the looping like so:

get-vRAHealth vra71.vmware.local -loop $false

And control the refresh interval:

get-vRAHealth vra71.vmware.local -refresh 10

Here is the output:


The script can be found on GitHub and below:

function get-vRAHealth() {
  <#    .SYNOPSIS     Displays health status of vRA components   .DESCRIPTION      Displays health status of vRA components   .EXAMPLE     get-vRAHealth vra71.vmware.local   .EXAMPLE     get-vRAHealth https://vra71.vmware.local -loop $true   .EXAMPLE     get-vRAHealth https://vra71.vmware.local -loop $true $sleep 2   #&amp;amp;gt;




  $uri = [System.Uri] $url

  if ($uri.Host -eq $null -and $uri.OriginalString) {
    $uri = [System.Uri] "https://$($uri.OriginalString)"

  if ($uri.Scheme -eq 'http') {
    $uri = [System.Uri] "https://$($uri.Host)"

  if ($uri.LocalPath -ne '/component-registry/services/status/current') {
    $uri = [System.Uri] "$($uri.AbsoluteUri)component-registry/services/status/current"

  while ($true) {
    Write-Host "Checking $($uri.AbsoluteUri)"

    try {
      $content = Invoke-WebRequest $uri.AbsoluteUri

      if ($content.StatusCode -eq 200) {
        $json = $content.Content | ConvertFrom-Json
        $json.content | select serviceName, `
	                  @{N='Registered';E={ $_.serviceStatus.serviceInitializationStatus }}, `
	           	  @{N='Available';E={ if (!$_.notAvailable) {'True'} else {'False'}}}, `
	                       lastUpdated, `
		               statusEndPointUrl `
		      | ft -auto
        if ($loop -eq $false) { break }
      } else {
          Write-Host "Unable to access vRA Component Registry. Error: $content.StatusCode"
    } catch {
       Write-Host "Unable to access vRA Component Registry. Error: $_.Exception.Message."
  sleep $refresh


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