No networks available when provisioning vApps through vCloud

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Starting with vCloud 5.1.x, I’ve noticed that occasionally when I’m provisioning vApps that there are no networks available even though there should be.  I believe that this is an issue with the change from org networks to org vDC networks from vCloud 1.x to 5.1.  Org vDC networks are now associated with an org vDC and I think that sometimes this relationship doesn’t get picked up correctly.  These steps were performed on vCloud 5.1.2.

Here is an example of no networks being available even when the org vDC that was chosen has multiple networks available


Besides trying to re-create the vApp, the only fix that I’ve found is to go back to the previous step in the vApp create wizard and toggle the Virtual Datacenter selection.  I’m not sure if this will work if you only have one Virtual Datacenter.

The initial Virtual Datacenter selected was vmware-alloc-vaai.  I swapped it to payg-vc5c and then back to vmware-alloc-vaai.


Now continue with the wizard and the networks are available.


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