All NICs are not ready yet. Will try again after 10000 milliseconds

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I recently ran into an issue with vCloud and Windows 2008 R2 guest customization where the guest customization log (C:\Windows\temp\customize-guest.log) would be flooded with the error “All NICs are not ready yet.  Will try again after 10000 milliseconds” and the VM would not be customized.


Here you can see that VMware tools was giving the VM an IP of  This is odd because this isn’t the IP that vCloud had for the VM, and the IP comes from another environment.  I was told that the VM was moved from one environment to another but did not receive any more detail.

If you inspected the VM’s OVF environment with vmtoolsd, it would report the invalid IP.  The command to do this is “C:\Program  Files\VMware\VMware Tools\vmtoolsd.exe” –cmd “info-get guestinfo.ovfEnv”.  I don’t have a screenshot, but when trying to instantiate a new vApp from this corrupted template, the network selection of the wizard had an odd layout that I’ve never seen before.

What was happening was that the OVF environment on the VM was stuck with the old OVF info and vCloud wasn’t replacing it with the new info.   VMware tools was then configuring the VM with an IP that wasn’t valid for the network that the VM was on and the OS would report that the NIC wasn’t ready.  Eventually the guest customization process would time out and fail.

In an attempt to clear the OVF environment I performed and OVF export/import of the VM and re-imported it into vCloud, but this did not help.  I eventually resolved the issue by creating a new shell VM with no disk, attached the problem VM’s disk to it and imported the VM back into vCloud.

If anyone knows how to inspect a VM’s OVF environment from outside of the guest and/or how to clear it out, I’d be interested in hearing about it.

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