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In this post I’ll show to install Stackato 3 micro appliance using the wildcard DNS service.  Using can be useful in a lab or any situation where you need wildcard DNS but don’t have access to a DNS server.

Stackato is ActiveState’s PaaS solution.  More can be found at

You can find out more about at

Download the Stackato 3 appliance

Download the appropriate image at

The vSphere version can be downloaded from here:

Stackato docs:

Deploy the appliance

Deploy the appliance into your vSphere environment as you would any OVF/OVA.

Access the VM console.  Credentials are stackato / stackato

Alt-f7 shows boot processes.

Alt-f1 gets you back to the main screen.

Configure the appliance

Set a static IP by running the kato op static_ip command and provide the IP information.  In this deployment, the IP is set to


By using, * will resolve to so let’s rename the node to with the kato node rename command.

Since we are no longer using a local DNS address we need to remove the mds role with kato role remove mdns command.

Now the Stackato instance can be accessed at

You will be prompted to set up the admin user:


From here you can click on the app store and choose any of the apps.  I’m going to use the Rails Movies app.  Select “Deploy App” for Rails Movies.


Give the app a name select “Deploy Application”


If everything goes well, you’ll see the following:


The application can now be accessed at

In the Stackato UI you can get the app by going to Organizations > Your org > Space > Apps > rails-movies > Routes > select site link

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