Using vCenter Orchestrator with RabbitMQ and vCloud Director – Part 2

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In this entry in the series, we are going to install and configure the RabbitMQ vCO plug-in and configure the vCenter vCO plug-in.

Installing the RabbitMQ vCO plug-in

First we need to make sure we have the RabbitMQ pulg-in for vCO.  The easiest way to get it is to go and click the gigantic orange banner and then select AMQP 1.0.3.  Once you download the plug-in you should have a file named o11nplugin-amqp-1.0.2-228.vmoapp.  Using a web browser to go your vCO server (mine is https://vco55b.vmware.local)

  1. Select Plug-ins
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select the magnifying glass
  3. Browse to the downloaded plug-in
  4. Select Upload and install


You should now see:



Adding vCenter to vCO

Since we are already here, let’s go ahead and add vCenter to vCO.

  1. Select Network
  2. Select SSL Trust Manager
  3. Enter the address of your vCenter server and press Import


Select Import:


  1. Select vCenter Server
  2. Enter your vCenter’s host name/IP
  3. I’m using the Share a unique session option so that all my workflows run as the specified user.
  4. Enter the user credentials that the workflows will run under.

To fully install the plug-ins we need to restart the vCO service:

  1. Select Startup Options
  2. Select Restart service


The vCO Client

Using a web browser, go back to your vCO server.  you can either run the vCO client directly or install it.  The default credentials should be vcoadmin / vcoadmin.


If we switch over to the Workflows tab, we can see the new AMQP workflows that were installed when we installed the RabbitMQ plug-in:


Then if we select the Inventory tab, we can browse all the plug-in inventories.  Here I’m showing my vCenter inventory.


The error messages you receive when logging into vCO can be pretty misleading.  If you’re having trouble logging in, you may need to your vCO server to your Java exception list.



In the next post I’ll go over how to use vCO to create the RabbitMQ Exchanges, queues, etc.

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