Creating a vCloud Air OnDemand endpoint in vRealize Automation

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In a previous post I describe how creating a vRealize Automation (vRA) endpoint to a vCloud Air OnDemand resource didn’t work.  At that time, you could only create an endpoint to a vCloud Air subscription resource.

Yesterday I received a tip on how to get it working so I thought I’d share it here.  It will probably be a KB article soon, but I hope this helps until then.

The URL endpoint was the part that was giving me issues.  I tried several combinations but none of them worked.  It turns out that the correct URL is:

Getting the vCloud Air endpoint info

Log into the vCloud Air portal at and select “Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand”.


Select the region where you want to point the endpoint to.  Here I’m selecting “US California 1 3” (there is a space between the 1 and 3).


You can get the region name by looking at your the URL:


For this region the name is “us-california-1-3”.  Next we need to get the vCloud Director organization.   Right-click on an org vDC and select “Manage Catalogs in vCloud Director”:


Here you can see that my organization name is “15afdeb2-7ae5-468a-a57b-4bc1aca2d71c”.  You can copy the name from the URL.


Creating the vRA Endpoint

Now that we have all the info we need, we can create the vRA endpoint by logging into the vRA interface and going to Infrastructure > Endpoints > New Endpoint > Cloud > vApp (vCloud).

Credentials: Same as you use to log into the vCloud Air portal.
Organization: 15afdeb2-7ae5-468a-a57b-4bc1aca2d71c


Now performing a data collection should succeed:


You can then proceed to create your fabric groups, reservations, blueprints, etc and test out provisioning to vCloud Air from vRA.

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